North Dakota Roads

North Dakota

Old standard, but appears to be repainted, inside Fort Totten.

Business I-94, Bismarck
Business I-94, Valley City

US 2
Business US 2, Grand Forks
US 83
US 85
US 281

ND 1
ND 8
ND 19
ND 20
ND 22
ND 41
ND 48
ND 57
ND 200

Steele CR 25
Fairview Bridge and Cartwright Tunnel
Gassman Coulee Trestle
Valley City

I bet this phone didn't work anymore when I took this 2013 photo on Barnes CR 21 where it crosses Lake Ashtabula.

Courtesy Michael Summa, taken in 1979. The directional banner is the outdated part.

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