North Carolina Roads - US 74-A/US 70

US 74-A and US 70/74-A

Old sign, old alignment, Patton Ave. EB at Coxe Ave. in Asheville. US 70/74-A were rerouted onto I-240 to separate through traffic from tourists.

New signs, and I can't say they're WB because Patton Ave. only goes east. For some reason, Asheville wanted WB pedestrians to know that traffic doesn't come out of Church St. and they have no design standards.

US 70/74-A WB entering Asheville on Tunnel Rd. This is the Beaucatcher Mountain Tunnel.

US 74-A rejoins I-240 just before its east end at I-40, which is on these overpasses. Given that both I-40 ramps have already left and I have a low concrete median with an upcoming left-turn lane, I'm taking the liberty of calling I-240 kaput and putting this photo here.

I-26 and US 70/74-A/I-26/240
I-240 and US 70/74-A/I-240
Onto US 70 alone

Modern US 74

Up onto I-40
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