North Carolina Roads - US 64/13

US 64 and US 13/64

All in the Nantahala National Forest area, courtesy Lou Corsaro. The first two are a WB progression from Highlands and the third is EB leaving Rosman.

This was once fluorescent yellow-green, EB by Blue Ridge Ave. in Hendersonville. New signs shouldn't fade this quickly.

The next 4 photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Just west of US 321, US 64 and NC 18 turn left in Lenoir, spawning NC 90 straight ahead into town.

NC 18 gets a little big for its britches and tries to kick US 64 out of the multiplex. US 64 responds by saying NC 18 is barely good enough to multiplex with even the Business route, and to prove it sends NC 18 on its way into Morganton. The BUSINESS banner is much too big for the US 64 assembly, but so long as it dwarfs NC 18, mama bear is happy.

EB railroad trestle east of Mocksville, the last of Lou's photos.

EB at and with... well, look, there's the photo. The Business shield is an error, as it lacks the word "Loop" inside to properly characterize the nature of the route. Speaking of loops, the first photo is at NC 8, Winston Rd. in Lexington, which used to have four tight ones as part of a cloverleaf and now just has two. (Both in this direction were removed.)

Old WB signs.

WB after crossing Jordan Lake.

Tody Goodwin Rd. EB at New Hill Rd. in Apex, courtesy Lou Corsaro. The style of these signs never changed, but you can still tell these are old.

The black background doesn't belong on this WB sign at Fern Valley Lane. Second right to NC 55? What about this right here?

US 64 EB catches a ride on US 1 NB, leaving before it turns into I-440 to shoot the breeze with I-40 for a little while on the south side of Raleigh, all courtesy Lou Corsaro. The signs are generally aging; the ones on US 1 appear to predate the completion of I-40 to Wilmington, and may read "Benson" underneath the patch (from I-40's temporary end at I-95). The only modern sign is the third one, and not only is the US 64 very poorly tacked on from when it was pulled off of surface roads, but the left pull-through BGS (over a roadway temporarily closed for construction) once had that 64 shield (or a close facsimile) on it. There are some more US 64 signs in the Raleigh section of the I-40 page - see the big link below.

WB in Rocky Mount.

EB with US 13 NB, problem #1: ALT should just be written in white on green instead of trying to replicate a banner. I could also pick at the Series "E" font used inside the shield.

Problem #2: This sign was clearly made for only one shield in the middle. The words above the shields are almost illegible at speed. Replace the sign, or use auxiliary signs and shields. It doesn't have to look pretty, but it has to be usable. At the exit, there's another shield with Series "E".

Problem #3: Destinations shouldn't be in all caps. Also, the exit number should be larger. US 60 exits itself here, so I wonder if the destinations were originally along US 13 and 17, and then NCDOT inexplicably flipped the numbering, or if they just decided they didn't like the destinations originally listed. An exit number should never be used for its own road.

US 60 still follows its old route north to the 1955 William B. Umstead Memorial (Manns Harbor) Bridge. Looking south across Croatan Sound, the newer bridge that cuts off a few miles is the Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge along Bypass US 64.

Two EB and one WB photo on Roanoke Island, the latter at Budleigh St.

Three of the four angles at the intersection of US 64, NC 345, and Bypass US 64, first photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. The only angle missing is the newest one, Bypass US 64 EB. Like NC 400, this intersection also has brown recreational signage, and that may just be a feature of Roanoke Island. The old sign in Lou's photo has black backgrounds, gone in the newer signs I found.

Since they were older signs, I've kept Lou's versions of my two photos.

US 64 EB ends in Nags Head, basically becoming US 158 as it bears left (so not "TO"). The ramp to the right feeds straight into NC 12 NB but also facilitates right turns to popular NC 12 SB, so ditch both "TO" and "NORTH."

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