North Carolina Roads - US 601

The sign above is from Lou Corsaro's personal collection. In both this and the Boonville shield farther down page, notice the truncated 6; it seems like a variant on US 601 only.

Four-lane construction starts just shy of the NC state line (the pavement change is visible in the background of the first photo) and heads northward toward Monroe, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Aging overhead assembly in Monroe itself, also from Lou.

My first three photos on this page, heading northwest on a multiplex that's wrong-way for NC 200 so that it can bypass downtown Monroe. The second photo is split between left and right sides of the road.

SB leaving Kannapolis on Ridge Ave., possibly former US 29, but not former US 601 because 601 didn't join 29 until after the current US 29 routing was established east of Kannapolis. Here, in Concord, Ridge Ave. ends at 29/601 just south of the indicated I-85 interchange.

Here's the Boonville shield I promised you above, along with two halves of a downtown assembly.

All remaining photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro except the second (nighttime) one.

SB at Atkins St./Turkey Farm Rd. on the new Dobson bypass, not yet built out to four lanes.

Business 601 SB in Dobson.

Cody Creek Covered Bridge just after Business and regular 601's come back together.

Newer narrow shields SB outside Mt. Airy.

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