North Carolina Roads - US 501/US 1/US 15/NC 87

US 501, US 1/15/501/NC 87

Sign owned by contributor (on this page, even) Lou Corsaro.

Entering NC from SC with differently sized shields, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The southbound end of the southern of two identical US highway triplexes. US 15 and 501 stay together between the two.

On the northern triplex, entering a town that I don't believe runs any trams, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

NB under a new bypass being constructed for US 421 and NC 87 around Sanford, courtesy Lou Corsaro in early 2006.

The same NB run in 2007, also by Lou, with the bridge very much complete now and the cloverleaf ramps taking shape. These are between Exits 69 and 70 on US 1/15/501.

Here is a run of my photos in January 2009. At this point, the bypass has been open for many months as far as NC 42, but needs to go another mile or two to reach US 421. Enjoy closeups of the US 1/15/501 (and NC 87) SB ramp to future US 421 NB, and the corresponding NB-NB loop ramp on the other side in the fourth photo. There are four overpasses here, and the center two, the future freeway mainline, are unused. To make this Exit 70, the existing Exit 70 where US 15/501 joined US 1 was renumbered to Exit 71 in 2008.

I came back just a couple of years in 2011, and the still-unopened ramp is now growing grass. Hurry up, NCDOT!

NB on the north side of Durham.

In Roxboro, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

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