North Carolina Roads - US 401/70

US 401 and

Looking west and east from an insignificant cross street at a more significant old alignment of US 401 just north of Wagram. These and all of the photos of this old alignment are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

One more look westward, then Lou walks east to a bridge over the Lumber River that hasn't seen traffic in many years.

Two photos looking northwest and two looking southeast. In the last photo you can see current US 401 crossing just downstream.

SB near Fayetteville, where the first piece of the Outer Loop ends for now, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Just because it's not yet I-295 (it really could be, since it connects to I-95) doesn't mean you can't put INTERSTATE in the shield, as long as FUTURE is in a separate banner.

Same issue NB.

NB at the end of a triplex in the merged city of Fuquay-Varina.

Another triplex forms on the south side of Raleigh (past the shields atop the page). Whatever destination was given for Wilmington St., the reason that S. Saunders St. is specifically called out by name as well as by destination is because for awhile, all three routes followed I-40 and what's now I-440 around the Beltline.

SB/EB in the same spot as US 401 breaks away. Among all the old signs are those golden arrows on the left sign at the split. My best explanation for those are an early NCDOT practice or experiment to signify "exit only." Other theories welcomed.

SB at I-40, which hasn't been duplexed with I-440 since 2002. On the other hand, it is multiplexed with US 64...

Peace St. WB under Capital Blvd. I should have a better photo of the old CAMERON VILLAGE sign somewhere in my queue.

US 401 was recently extended up US 1 from its former terminus in Norlina, only to end uselessly 7 miles later at the I-85 interchange. Put it back.

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