North Carolina Roads - US 301

and US 158/301

The next four photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Entering the state on a multiplex.

Technically on US 301 NB, which just exited Business I-95 NB between Fayetteville and Eastover onto its surface alignment. The sign is for the onramp that will take you back to Fayetteville on the freeway that 301 just left.

NB and SB in the Smithfield-Four Oaks area.

Old NB shields and signs; sorry about the sun, but the road heads mostly east, and it was early morning. I presume there's a US 301 shield kicking around somewhere near the first photo, since it's joined with NC 39 for the time being.

The next four photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

NB at NC 581, which goes back to I-95. I'm guessing RIDOT NCDOT wants you to follow US 301 to US 13 to US 1 until you're in the land of non-cutout shields, and only then get back on the highway.

To the right used to be the NB US 301 exit to US 117 SB via a surface street, Dixie Inn Road. For some reason, someone didn't want traffic to go that way, so now people looking to make the cutoff (301 has been traveling more east than north, so it's not completely nonsensical) have to head past the new US 264 interchange and then make a sharp right. The hill in the background is an artificial mound designed to stop people from reblazing the trail.

SB at NC 125/903 outside Halifax, then down to the first of my photos, the Business route split in Rocky Mount.

Old signs NB from Enfield to Halifax. "Independence" and "Washington's Southern Tour" are next to each other.

You can't cross it now, but there used to be a railroad truss just northwest of US 158/301 outside Weldon. The line was truncated to the north and routed into the active lines that still cross the white bridge behind it.

US 301 drops off US 158 and crosses one more old railroad in Garysburg, seen from the shadow of Old Hwy. (presumably once part of NC 46). "Emporia" needs a "VA" after it.

A southbound run from the top of the state, starting at NC 48 and the beginning of the US 158 duplex. Lou Corsaro then picks up with the end of that concurrency.

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