North Carolina Roads - US 264

All photos are eastbound. The ones above are around Swanquarter.

I have no idea what was greened out or why.

This time, I have a very good idea. This is the Greenville Bypass, which was not completed south of US 264 as of 2014 but has since been completed as Bypass NC 11. I can't yet confirm what was added to these signs but I expect "Exits 73 A-B - EAST 264 BYPASS 11 - Washington - Kinston". The future Exit 73A is shown here.

Around the EB-NB loop ramp with views of the future NB-EB ramp alongside. The signs seem to leave enough room for US 13 to join the ride, but 13 insists on going through Greenville instead of bypassing it. (To be fair, NC 11 does as well, which is why the bypass is numbered Bypass.)

Panning from south to north at the merge into the future Bypass NC 11 stub. You can see that exit numbering follows US 264, but the WB side wrongly has 73A before 73B. It's also worth noting that because US 264 is numbered as exiting from itself, EB Exits 73A-73B are for a different road than WB.

Across the Pungo River in Pantego.

US 264 says goodbye to NC 99 at the Belhaven smokestack as I say hello to the sun. 264 splits into Business and Bypass here.

NC 99 NB and the first of many narrow shields.

Various old shields and an old distance sign exclusively for Outer Banks attractions. The second shield is my least favorite.

To the end of the road, same as the west end: US 64. The whole route is in state and could just be numbered Alt. US 64, except that would make its own Business and Alt. routes more cumbersome.

I-795 and US 264/I-795

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