North Carolina Roads - US 221

All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro except the next one.

US 221A does the dirty work US 221 bypasses, going through Forest City and what I'm sure is the aptly named Sandy Mush. I'm not sold on NCDOT's use of the hyphen, especially when they're already struggling to fit four characters in a three-character shield. Luckily, one of those is a "1", but it prevents the use of the normal-size 24"x30" shields (these are freeway-size 36"x45"). Courtesy H.B. Elkins.

Grandfather Mountain is two miles straight ahead on US 221 SB, near Linville. This (the photo, not the mountain being there) is part the fault of Lou's camera, and part the fault of the stained, fading, or somewhat missing letters on the sign.

Wrong-way multiplex with mismatched fonts.

From Sandy Mush, we've made it to the Mouth of Wilson at NC 113.

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