North Carolina Roads - US 21

US 21

All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro.

From the I-485 combined Inner/Outer ramp with the I-77/US 21 NB exit to Arrowood (wood for Arros?) Rd. mixed in as well. Something I've only just noticed about this photo is that NC incorrectly uses a white border around "EXIT ONLY".

The NB and SB faces of an old NC distance sign at Wagner St. in Troutman. The N and C are interlocked in a manner similar to what UNC still uses but what NCDOT hasn't used in dozens of years. The two digraphs may have had the same source somewhere deep in the history of the state.

Gwyn St. NB crossing from Jonesville into Elkin. When this bridge was open to traffic, it carried original US 21.

Outside Elkin on current 21, or at least By-Pass 21, except NCDOT needs to replace the shield before I'll believe it.

NC 115, old US 21

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