North Carolina Roads - US 19

US 19

All photos are northbound.

US 19 is with US 74 EB through Topton and then takes off at Exit 64 to Bryson City. That's the mainline following the exit ramp, so "TO" is not warranted. I also don't know why there's a US 74 shield on the ramp at all, since I just exited. US 74 was extended west of Asheville in 1986 and was moved onto the freeway by 1994, so it's possible but unlikely the shield assembly is that old.

To my left, a railroad crosses the Tuckasegee River, which I'll be following for awhile.

As US 19 enters Bryson City, NB is facing due south before it turns left again. Straight ahead is newly designated US 19 Connector, a short route along pre-existing Veterans Blvd. back to the US 74 freeway. It was upgraded to a primary route in 2011 to get enough funding for its maintenance, and NC chose this instead of a random 3-digit route. Assuming it's considered north-south, US 19 NB becomes Conn. US 19 SB here.

Through and out of Bryson City to another Tuckasegee River railroad bridge, this time on my right.

Tuckasegee panorama from just east of there.

On to Cherokee; US 441 NB joins the ride by the second photo and they head toward Rattlesnake Mountain together.

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