North Carolina Roads - US 17/74/421/NC 133

US 17 (with US 74, US 421, NC 133)

US 17 Business NB/NC 130 EB in Shallotte, across the Shallotte River, on Shallotte Avenue.

NB near Wilmington, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

US 17/NC 133 NB and US 74/76 EB where they trade partners: US 76 heads into Wilmington with Business US 17, and the other routes pick up US 421 from the city. US 76 now acts as a business route for US 74, since the two meet again on the far side of the city after US 74 bypasses it around the north on Martin Luther King, Jr. Pkwy. Having that many routes requires way too much legend to read.

Predating the construction of I-140, this was US 17 SB (now Business US 17 SB) across Cape Fear River with US 74, US 76, and US 421, courtesy Lou Corsaro. US 74 was since rerouted one bridge north and onto MLK, Jr. Pkwy. The 7, she is a strong number. She can weather the storm, the other numbers run and hide.

Whatever that font is, it needs to die in a tragic and humiliating manner.

NC 133 secretly dropped off with US 74, leaving just US 17 and 421 to dance until the next bridge across the river: newly built I-140. Oversized 2-digit shields are more expensive than regular-sized 3-digit shields and only add to blank sign space. I would think the second shield on the second sign is supposed to be for US 17.

Before I leave Wilmington, this is SB on Business US 17 on the northeast side of town.

Strange patch job on US 64 EB with US 17 and US 13 NB. What was underneath, and why weren't the patches done in mixed case? All the other signs got it right. Also, Exit 515 is numbered by US 64's mileposts, yet it's for 64 itself, instead of being for the other two interlopers.

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