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US 158 and 1/158

EB at Business I-40/US 421, which US 158 will join to the east, on the west side of Winston-Salem courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Er... er... error. EB, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

East of Oxford, US 158 absorbs the Business route, passes East Tom Parham Rd. (cut off from the West side by I-85, but still a state highway), spawns another Business route to Henderson, and comes to confusing I-85 underpasses. Is US 158 meant to expand to four lanes here should Henderson keep growing? There's no other evidence of dualization but this.

Past Dabney Rd. on By-Pass 158, then to I-85 to bypass Henderson.

At the SB/WB end of the multiplex. I wish I could go back and see what the US 158 sign looked like.

While US 158 is tied up with I-85, Business US 158 hooks up with Business US 1 past a bunch of embossed street signs in Henderson.

US 158 WB/US 1 SB in Manson at Manson-Drewry Rd.; the sign is on the EB/NB side by the gully.

And this monstrosity is on the other side. Gander at the pastiche of pastel pink, blue, and orange. But what ho, is that an American sign from the distant past? And is "what ho" from the distant past as well? Very well, let's take a look.

The gas pumps don't match, but the first (newer) one at least made it to Amoco from American, while the second (older) one has been stripped naked and is showing off the machinery inside. And there's not much of it at all. Modern technology has learned much.

Evans hasn't been around here in awhile. Sprite still had Lymon Taste and Dr. Pepper came with blue labels - or else all the red faded. That takes time. Pepsi was still known as Pepsi-Cola and the NC State Wolfpack had their own Coke bottles. The "Cardiac Pack" dates to 1983, so that's probably when Evans closed his store. Also explains the 1970's color scheme.

Okay, there really isn't an error here, but what do you do for an advance assembly when US 401 goes both straight and right? Wrong answer: use a right arrow shield and squeeze a straight arrow on there. Right answer: Sign SOUTH 401 to the right and NORTH 401 straight ahead. Of course, then you don't get to omit the directional banners and confuse people.

EB near US 301, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

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