North Carolina Roads - US 15/US 501/NC 87

US 15, US 15/501 (and NC 87)

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, Bike 1 sticks on US 15/501 longer than US 1 did in Aberdeen, but eventually peels off near Turnpike Rd.

Northbound after US 15/501 split from US 1 the second time, an abandoned SB roadway (with NC 87 aboard) and an embossed historical sign, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

SB through the same area with all three routes. It seems like a former 4-lane highway, or an attempt to convert the existing 2-lane that never made it, as opposed to a bypassed old alignment.

SB north of the NC 87 junction.

Around the courthouse on US 15/501 NB in Pittsboro to the north side, with some closer looks at the Civil War statue there. This was formerly the US 64 junction, and is now Business US 64.

US 15/501 SB at Thompson St. One has a grave 400 yards west, the other is buried two blocks west. I'll take any bets that they're in the same cemetery.

NC 751 SB outside Durham at US 15/501, courtesy Lou Corsaro. It must date to the completion of that freeway bypass of the original surface road into the city.

Business US 70 EB follows the bottom half of the Downtown Loop through Durham and comes up US 15/501 for a couple of blocks to rejoin the WB side, which just continues straight onto the top half of the Downtown Loop with no concurrency. NC 98 EB begins here.

Somewhere in Durham - I honestly don't remember, so hopefully no one in charge can find it. Click each shield for a closeup.

US 15 crosses Falls Lake with I-85 at sunset.

US 15/NC 96 NB in Oxford with Business US 158 WB, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Speaking of NC 96, this is SB from Virginia up to Industry Dr. in Oxford. You may recognize the second photo from the previous run as being on 96 and Business US 158, the latter of which is now EB.

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