North Carolina Roads - US 13/158

US 13 and

One of the highest-numbered US highways gets one of the smallest-font shields around the six-leg circle in Newton Grove. 16 minutes later, the sun starts to rise.

Something just looks off here, and it's more than the small "NORTH" for US 13. Something about all the green space. Maybe it's also how any traffic reaching this point could have already gotten to I-795 sooner. Maybe I'd just like to see the second destination restored on the right sign.

NC 33 WB meets US 13 on the north side of Greenville. It used to be a more acute split, and old NC 33 (seen here) is now a dead-end.

The next three photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Well, you know, two reds are better than one! Sorry.

US 13/NC 11 NB, similar to the US 221-A signs I've seen before. Hyphenation is an NCDOT thing.

When the truck route needs a bypass, that's sure a lot of traffic. Or just maybe this is the truck route for Bypass 13 - so how about removing the "Bypass" banner entirely and just telling trucks where to go? Anyone so local that they're looking for a Business route will know they have to turn off into Windsor.

Old signs north from the US 13/US 17 split in Windsor, starting at Hope School Rd.

NB in Winton approaching the US 158/NC 45 intersection, which NCDOT is converting into an interchange. This is going to become the SB (NC 461 WB, too) onramp from US 158/NC 45.

Looking south at the future offramp that will carry US 158 WB.

North of there, US 13/158 will be widened to a dual carriageway, 2 lanes in each direction. Fire! Fire! Heh, heh, fire.

US 13 ditches US 158 and hits NC 37 just shy of Virginia.

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