North Carolina Roads - US 1-A

Franklinton is full of rules. And parallelograms instead of hyphens. Let's move on to the longer section of US 1-A in Youngsville and Wake Forest.

The hyphens start changing from parallelograms to afterthoughts through the Youngstown multiplex. You could just as easily remove them in the newer shields and have plain 1A. And really, other than every other state with lettered routes, who does that?

SB into the heart of Wake Forest and more afterthought hyphens, including the photo atop the page. Actually, this isn't NC 98 anymore, just the Business route, but NCDOT is waiting to finish the bypass before adding the Business banners.

No mistaking this hyphen in the roundabout at the western end of the Business 98 duplex by Wake Forest Baptist Church.

Try enough hyphens, and you'll miss one entirely. I thought Alternate routes were supposed to be of similar quality to the mainlines, but this is just a designation for two old alignments of US 1 proper. It doesn't even carry up to Business US 1 in Oxford.

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