North Carolina Roads - Old US 64

Old US 64

Business US 64/70 split in Morganton, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Despite what the sign in the background of the first photo says, Business US 64 EB does not turn both ways. (Burkemont Ave., the road to the left, is Business US 64, and the road straight ahead, the continuation of W. Union St., definitely is not.) Above the intersection hangs this old yellow yield sign, which appears to be modifying the traffic signal also present at the intersection as an additional caution (the other option is that it was for some reason left up after the signal was put in - either way, it's redundant to standard traffic practice).

Old Lexington Rd. at Caraway Mountain Rd. west of Asheboro, courtesy Lou Corsaro. These are typical older secondary road guide signs. Based on where each of the destinations are, I'm pretty certain the top signs in the first photo don't help anyone (they face would-be NB traffic, but there is no street). Second photo is SB.

Business US 64 WB in Pittsboro at the side of the Chatham County Courthouse, courtesy Lou Corsaro. To see more of it, visit the page for US 15, which intersects here along with US 501 and NC 87.

EB heading away from said courthouse.

Western Blvd. EB on the west side of Raleigh. The BGS's were put in when US 64 was rerouted but the Beltline was still just US 1. When I-440 was designated in 1991, it was time to take down the US 1 signs and put up I-440 shields, even though 1 was still on the Beltline. (It was on Western Blvd. at one point before that as well.) Somehow that never happened, although the destinations got rejiggered to remove the one for 1 NB (Wake Forest?).

Blount St. SB in downtown Raleigh.

New Bern Ave. EB from State St. to Tarboro St.

Enjoy this poor-resolution distance sign to Wendell and Zebulon (both on Business US 64, still the old alignment) leaving downtown.

Over to Knightdale. The current alignment of US 64 opened in 1975, so this is an error, not an original assembly.

EB and WB at the same intersection in Wendell.

EB by Old Zebulon Rd.

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