North Carolina Roads - Old US 1

Moncure-Pittsboro Rd. (SR 1012) heading east from US 1 Exit 79. Old US 1 naturally carries Bike 1 because US 1 itself is a freeway.

Old US 1 (SR 1011) SB and NB, same spot. It's odd that US 1 is signed south on Old 1 when it's less than a mile west on SR 1012.

Close-ups of NCDOT's practice of stamping signs with the sign code. Because these are NC-specific signs, these numbers won't match anything in the MUTCD. 12-9K is the long distance sign with the chevron, and MI-30 (or K MI-30) is the rectangular secondary route marker. It's actually rare to find MI-30's; you'll see the usual treatment further down the page.

Just north of there, an old alignment splits off and rejoins.

Looking south on that old alignment. At the far end of that pool may be or may have been a stream crossing - all old alignments seem to have them, and it's the disrepair or absence of the crossing that causes them to be closed to traffic.

As promised, here's the usual treatment for four-digit routes, a bunch of metal squares nailed in close proximity, at Wimberly Rd. in Haywood, which is still in Moncure. I guess if there's no destination, may as well use Dead End as one.

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