North Carolina Roads - NC 90

NC 90

All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro, continuing from Edgemont Rd. through and around Pisgah National Forest. Those photos can be found at the big link at the bottom of this page.

WB and EB where NC 90 transitions into Edgemont Road. Yup, this is an unpaved state highway, the last one left in the state, for the next few miles. Notice that NCDOT has provided brand-new black/white guide signs in its own particular idiom.

The other two unpaved legs of that intersection, Edgemont Church Rd. (a dead-end after it crosses the creek) and National Forest Route 981 heading into Pisgah (last two photos). I believe that numbers don't repeat across the country. The Forest Route is a One Lane Road with Turnouts.

One last, wider view of the intersection.

Two one-lane bridges on NC 90 itself as it heads eastward toward pavement and civilization.

Looking north and south from the first bridge.

Looking north and south from the second bridge.

EB at Brown Mountain Bridge Rd., an entirely unpaved intersection. On the left you can see obliquely an NC 90 shield, proving that this road is a state highway.

Not much of a retaining wall (or at least, not leaving much shoulder room to spare) as NC 90 EB doubles back on itself and heads up the hillside.

Heading southward toward Collettsville, NC 90 EB gets pavement six miles after it began.

Head north on Edgemont Rd.

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