North Carolina Roads - NC 87

NC 87

SB from the center of Graham to the Alamance County Courthouse.

The NC 54 shield has small digits and just looks a different age. The NC 49 shield has a wide gap in the middle. So NC 87 aces this photo, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Looking northeast on Broad St. from NC 87 NB/NC 100 WB in Burlington. It's usually not the best design to have your main street right next to a railroad, running straight through downtown, even though it's the railroad that caused the city to grow a downtown in the first place. We're out of the 1800s now.

Safely out of downtown, NC 87/100 NB/WB finally get to cross the tracks themselves, and do so with style.

US 501 and NC 87/US 1/15/501
US 15 and NC 87/US 15/501

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