North Carolina Roads - NC 62/US 70

NC 62 and NC 62/US 70

A faded Byway trailblazer on Alamance Church Rd. near NC 62, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

NB up to and along the US 70 EB multiplex in Burlington, crossing another set of multiplexed routes and under some railroad overpasses, the second of which is for a spur that's long since been torn up. It makes NC 62/US 70 rather shady, but it's historic and looks good paired with the first, still active one. The spur was so short that this is the only former overpass on it; it merged back with the main tracks prior to the SB/WB trestle. Second photo is courtesy Lou Corsaro.

On the east side of the tracks.

Same place, SB at and then onto US 70 WB, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

One of the first SB signs after entering from Virginia, also from Lou.

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