North Carolina Roads - NC 55

NC 55

WB through Durham to the end of the route, first three photos courtesy Lou Corsaro. The consecutive overpasses are for Pettigrew St. and a few different railroad tracks. Lou's original photo of the junction assembly had the I-85 hanging down. Miraculously, someone (NCDOT? I doubt it, but maybe?) righted the shield instead of replacing it, leaving an opportunity for me to take a large enough photo to break it into two halves for you.

Back east from the New Creation United Methodist Church at Angier Ave. past the same railroad bridge that Lou photographed.

The then-future onramp from NC 55 to NC 540 EB, courtesy Lou Corsaro in January 2009. By 2013, NC 540 was extended southward to meet NC 55 again south of Apex, with another third of beltway to go. At that point, the southern half of NC 540 may be upgraded to an Interstate to match the northern half, but thanks to the freeway being tolled, it may not.

In October 2011, NC 540 was open east of here, but the NB offramp is still waiting for use.

Exactly one year later, NC 540 is open to the south. But is the rest of 540 already open to the north, or to the east? When NC 540 began here, it was a no-brainer to sign it east/west, matching I-540 and the general direction of the short state route. But now that NC 540 continues down around Apex, it's a north/south route in character, and the new directions help differentiate the young toll road from its older, free Interstate parent.

A pair of EB multiplexes - Fuquay-Varina (and the NC 42 concurrency ends just around the corner) and near Kinston, second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Halfway between those two photos, NC 50/55 come to a former six-way intersection with US 13 and US 701 and travel round about it (see what I did there?) with those routes.

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