North Carolina Roads - NC 54

NC 54

Older shields in Graham, courtesy Lou Corsaro. NC 87 doesn't stay for long.

WB at the other end of the multiplex.

EB past the multiplex, still in Graham, courtesy Lou Corsaro. This sign is so old that there's no longer a Greenway Baptist Church anywhere near here (the nearest is Boone, 136 miles to the west).

WB in Chapel Hill. The old or else replacement US 501 shield is doing a poor job standing in for the wider standard, but I like it.

State-name Interstate shields are quite rare in this state. This one's EB at Fayetteville Rd near I-40 Exit 276. Its regular counterpart is WB at Aviation Pkwy. (right) and Morrisville-Carpenter Rd. (left).

NC 54 ends at I-440 before hitting downtown Raleigh, but of course once kept going. These are EB on either side of the Beltline, current and former 54.

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