North Carolina Roads - NC 49

S. Tryon St. (NC 49) NB at Billy Graham Pkwy., courtesy Lou Corsaro. The airport is to the left as the arrow indicates, but Charlotte Route 4 (near I-77), a city-numbered route that extends over several roads that have little relation to each other except that they happen to form a ring around the city, is in both directions. Atop the 4, instead of the county name, is a tiny CHARLOTTE with a city-logo crown. Don't ask anyone in Charlotte where this route is, or you'll get blank stares - if you want to get to a street that's part of 4, Ask For It By Name. (But you can follow them easily by number.)

Trade St. EB just past NC 49/US 29 at the US District Court.

NC 49 SB joins US 64 WB in Cedar Falls.

Remaining photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Two shield assembly shots on the quick two-mile multiplex (87 is only along for a quarter of that) through Graham, south of the coat factory city of Burlington. The oldest of the bunch is the nighttime 54 shield (notice the black doesn't reach the edges of the sign), though the widely spaced 49 next to it is in second.

NC 49 bumps off of NC 62 in Pleasant Grove about ten miles to the north. A bypass was built through the southeast quadrant of the intersection so that 49 doesn't even touch 62 anymore. I believe this is where that short bypass meets the old road.

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