North Carolina Roads - NC 42

One oldie in the bunch, WB at the beginning of NC 78, taken by Doug Kerr and submitted by Adam Prince.

EB at the temporary eastern end of the Sanford Bypass that will become US 421. The barricaded ramp will become the NB offramp.

EB onto and off of the US 401 NB multiplex, which also gains NC 55.

NC 42/55 split just a few feet east of US 401, and this photo is NC 42 WB (turning right).

EB at Buffalo Rd. east of Clayton, and the same assembly from Buffalo Rd. SB. The same assembly would still be made this way today, just looking a lot newer.

NC 42 exiting from the US 70-NC 42 westbound multiplex in Clayton, courtesy Lou Corsaro; US 70 won't have exit numbers here, but this looks too much like one. By now, this is just the Business 70 multiplex, because the Clayton Bypass has opened.

NC 42 WB joins NC 561 WB and US 13 NB in Ahoskie.

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