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NC 27

A most confused assembly on NC 27 EB on the west side of Charlotte, courtesy Lou Corsaro. NCDOT needs to learn that for beltway routes, you use EITHER Inner/Outer or cardinal directions, NOT both, and you certainly don't put the unlike banners next to each other. I-485 was still incomplete between NC 16 and I-85, but was then extended to I-77, allowing the removal of the "Future" banner to the north of I-85.

The Uptown Church, living in the white-bread world of downtown Charlotte on Elizabeth Ave. just east of NC 27 (McDowell St.).

The Fayetteville and Western Plank Rd. from Fayetteville to Salem (now part of Winston-Salem, and the road actually continued to Bethania), NC 22/24/27 WB in Carthage, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Out of these routes, it more or less followed 24 from Fayetteville to the NC 22 split west of Carthage, then what's still known as Plank Road to NC 705 and Business US 220, and finally to US 311. Between 705 and Business 220, and again between there and old 311 (which now ends at the 220 freeway/I-73/I-74), there are corner-cutting remnants of the old road as well.

One newer and one older shield WB at Business US 1 in Cameron, but which is which? Business 1 gets an underpass here to bypass the old alignment's skewed grade crossing (the southern half of which is now dead because the new alignment takes it over). That old alignment was original US 1, making this a new alignment of an old alignment. Photo courtesy Adam Prince.

You will want to click on this sentence. I think the photo is reason enough, showing the original shield style and original font in an embossed setting. Courtesy Lou Corsaro, who visited the State Transportation Museum in Spencer.

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