North Carolina Roads - NC 24

NC 24

NC 24 and NC 27 WB from Cameron to Carthage, picking up NC 22 before the second photo (courtesy Lou Corsaro). The routes look like an odd couple in the first photo (courtesy Adam Prince), but they stick together for 100 miles.

EB across South River from Cumberland County to Sampson County.

Older WB and EB warning signs. There are a few of these "when wet" signs, possibly less bullet-ridden, between I-95 and I-40.

Old, WB, Roseboro.

Perhaps not obvious to the casual observer, this really reads "Crossing Railroad." The crossbucks are reversed.

WB just beyond I-40.

Business NC 24 EB in Kenansville, along with NC 11 NB, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

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