North Carolina Roads - NC 211

NC 211

Heading south from US 17 past a most delicious deal.

All remaining photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

NC 211 takes a ride on a triplex in Aberdeen. Once US 1 leaves, 211 loses interest and will be gone across the railroad tracks.

EB in Pinehurst.

The first stone marker is along NC 211 west of NC 2/US 15/US 501 in Pinehurst. The second is on NC 2 WB near the circle where all those roads meet, and the path through the woods is the original path of Yadkin Rd. before NC 2 was diverted southward to head into the circle.

Original NC 211 through Eagle Springs, still called Eagle Springs Rd., WB on the far side of town where it curves right and old 211 becomes a dirt trail. 1,000 feet further west, it joins Clement Rd. and resumes as Spicewood Rd. through Samarcand.

Continuing west on the trail.

Clement Rd. WB where it curves into the old alignment and then looking east from the same point.

NB in that same area through construction to widen NC 211 as it approaches NC 73.

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