North Carolina Roads - NC 179

All photos are northbound.

From South Carolina to Thomasboro Rd.

This is part of an assembly with both East and West NC 904s (and arrows) as well as a through NC 179, but I just wanted to show you the one old shield for NC 904 WB.

NC 179 joins Village Rd., the original US 17 alignment in Shallotte, then turns left onto Whiteville Rd. (first photo) to meet Business US 17 along Main St. (second photo), the next US 17 alignment that's still signed like it's the mainline. Now there's a third, divided alignment a mile to the northwest of Shallotte, carrying the modern US 17. Whiteville Rd. used to have a large, spread-out wye at Village Rd., but the two legs were turned into local access dead-ends.

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