North Carolina Roads - NC 16

NC 16

All photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

For now, the improvements to NC 16 north of Charlotte have come to a temporary end at NC 73. As construction progresses, NC 16 traffic must jog over from the old (surface) to new (freeway/expressway) alignments via 73 WB, as seen in these photos looking north at the continuing construction.

Onto the freeway, which transitions to have some traffic lights as it gets closer to Charlotte, and then I repeat my complaint - use OUTER/INNER or directions, not both. Maybe it will get fixed when the overhead signs go in, but I doubt it.

The future I-485 SB offramp and NC 16 SB loop ramp to I-485 NB sandwich a northward photo of the dual carriageway, complete with brand-new exit signage, open to nobody.

That's the exit only color scheme, but without the text I don't believe it, so those should be white on green.

NC 16 takes over Providence Rd. south of I-277, and comes to Charlotte Route 4 (there's a little CHARLOTTE beneath a crown atop the shield) at S. Wendover Rd. It's a central loop on state secondary roads (but J.T. Legg hints that they might be city maintained) that roughly splits the difference between I-277 and I-485.

End of the road.

I-277 and NC 16/I-277

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