North Carolina Roads - NC 147

NC 147, Durham Freeway

All photos are taken southbound.

As recommended by Adam Prince, the only metric sign in Durham. Raleigh is listed because traffic will tend to take I-40 EB from here, and so it may not surprise you that early on, NC 147 was considered as a possible alignment for 40 (leaving I-85) before the modern one that leaves 85 sooner.

Exit 7, but you wouldn't know it.

The southern end of NC 147, which curves hard right, loses its median, and ends at Alexander Dr. in 2009. Straight ahead is proposed to be a toll freeway through the Research Triangle that will end at the currently overpowered NC 540 interchange with Davis Dr.

In 2011, I take a peek at construction of the aforementioned toll freeway, Triangle Expressway, from Kit Creek Rd. WB just north of NC 540.

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