North Carolina Roads - NC 115

NC 115 (old US 21)

NC 115 NB over a perfectly normal interchange on the north side of Charlotte, except half of it is missing, and the half you're allowed on doesn't seem to be on the freeway itself. The I-485 Charlotte beltway has just 8 more miles to go to be a complete circle, but those 8 miles have taken a long time to get built. Until then, I-485 ends here at NC 115, using the EB offramp and WB C-D road that connects through the loop ramps at I-77 just to the west. The pylons in the first two photos are to prevent traffic from attempting the EB onramp stub.

The WB onramp at the current beginning of the freeway, paired with a non-existent but tree-cleared offramp. Photos continue onto I-485, linked below.

SB from Mooresville to Davidson (last two photos), courtesy Lou Corsaro.

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