North Carolina Roads - Misc. Photos

Misc. Photos

Weston Pkwy. looking south on N. Harrison Ave. and Wake Forest Rd. NB, both in or around Raleigh. Old breast(work)s are better than none at all.

Looking east toward Main St. and west toward Cypress St. in Wendell. If you can't tell, these signs are for trains.

A pair of old assemblies on Covered Bridge Rd. in Johnston County, first at Pritchard Rd. and then at Wendell Rd.

You won't find Old Mill Path or Church Ave. in Shotwell anymore. Since the last time this old street signpost was painted, these have become Major Slade Rd. and Mial Plantation Rd. respectively.

This secondary route sign has ended up in my collection. County #54 in NC appears to be Lenoir County, which I'm guessing is the "54" in the corner.

One of the few original Shell shells left, Sprague St. at Peachtree St. in Winston-Salem.
All remaining photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Another Yadkin Road trail marker, identical to the ones on the NC 211 page. This is along May St. at SR 2029, still named Yadkin Rd., in Southern Pines.

Old Linwood Rd. WB from NC 8 in Lexington.

The two routes are roughly parallel from Lenoir to Wilkesboro. Finally, they meet, join, then diverge to the northeast of the city.

NC 41 EB at NC 58, with such a narrow font that I'd had this for my NC 11 page at first. Then, NC 58 gets fractional milemarkers heading north along Bogue Banks to help tourists finding their way among beaches.

More old shields, and a new but narrow one.

NC 105 outside Boone and nearing Linville. NC 184 is a short connector that gets trucks around the hilliest, curviest part of NC 194 from Vilas to Banner Elk. The 194 shield is probably older than the others.

NC 400 in Manteo, a one-way pair off of the old US 64/US 264 (and now their Business routes). The entire route is signed this way as a recreational route.

When the correct spelling is right there (see guide sign), there's no excuse for getting it wrong (see street blade).

Old white signblades and secondary route "markers" (1861 and 1853, off of US 1 in Lakeview). The secondary routes would be county routes if the counties maintained them, but NCDOT does.

NC 67 EB, Winston-Salem.

NC 86 NB in Hillsborough. Yes, all of them on one route in one town.

NC 104 and 194 at the border, with NC-erected signs for a non-NC state.

The first is on Pollock St. at Middle St. in New Bern (yes, the original store is there), and the second is on S. Edgeworth St. NB in Greensboro.

Have a black sign instead of a white one, for a change. Aberdeen has several others; this one is on Main St. WB at Campbell St.

From Route N51, County Meath in Ireland, straight to the Tirnanog Irish Pub in Raleigh. They're embossed, they're white, they belong here. Note the distinct possibility that they are replicas.

Finally, these are the remnants of the Lassiter Mill Bridge, a pre-1920s bridge that was relocated to the last mill at this site and served until 1984, even though the mill had burned in 1958 (as all prior mills at the site had, which is why people stopped building there).

Just downstream at the mill site, the Great Falls of Crabtree where the mill was. Not all that great.

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