North Carolina Roads - I-95

All photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro except the shield above.

The first sign should have been constructed with more words on a single sheet of metal, rather than all the tack-ons, and the second sign just looks weird with ALTERNATE all spelled out next to the shield. There's nothing wrong with that, though usual practice in most places puts ALT atop the shield.

Department of Redundancy Department, NB but the same sign exists SB as well. Note that there is a US 58 to the north in Virginia, which explains the extra state name.

SB at Exit 119, RIDOT infiltrates the Tarheel State.

Let's waste money (or patch over former BUSINESS LOOP 95)! NB.

Southbound: tiny little BUSINESS, too much knowledge never hurt anyone, and secondary routes get no shields.

Small shield, and a pair of signs that should have INTERSTATE in the shields and a little less of the destination covered, all NB. I wonder what the remaining shield will be? Perhaps US 301, which is the next road west for Future I-295.

SB at Exit 58. The unopened ramp will lead to I-295, a loop around Fayetteville to the south. US 13 begins here and heads north.

This sign would perhaps be the way to get from I-95 NB to Business I-95 SB, just north of White Rd. on Dunn Rd. around Exit 55. It's also technically on US 301 NB, even though 301 traffic probably isn't looking for a U-turn.

New construction for I-74 between Exits 10 and 14 on I-95/US 301 (the latter exit is US 74, for an interesting juxtaposition, and then the two identically numbered routes go off and multiplex).

Imaginative destination, and someone needs to hire a formatting expert. US 301 parallels much of I-95 when US 1 follows I-85 inland, and was TEMPORARY 95 in several stretches while the freeway was being constructed.

Into South Carolina on I-95
Into Virginia on I-95
Many exits to US 301
Exit 1 to US 501
Exit 58 to Future I-295
Exit 58 to US 13
Exit 95 to US 70 (via the Business route)
Exit 119 to US 117
Exit 119 to US 264
Exit 138 to US 64
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