North Carolina Roads - I-77


All photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro except for two.

Afterthought shield on the NB C-D road from Exit 1 (I-485) to Exit 2.

On the NB ramp to I-85 north. As you can see, there's an exit along it, and some indecisiveness on NCDOT's part. The Rd. is to the north, and the Ave. is to the south, on what might have once been US 21, and I don't know why the designation changes.

NB through the future I-485 interchange on the north side of Charlotte. Although the interchange isn't open, I-485 has now made it east from NC 16 across I-77 to NC 115, and the ramps are fully paved and connected already. Just do it, NCDOT!

Northbound at the only old BGS's (Big Green Signs) left on I-77 in NC. The first photo is mine. Note the 2-digit width US 421 shield.

My other photo, SB in the same location. Obviously, the US 421 SB BGS was replaced in both directions.

One last Lou Corsaro photo outside Elkin. That's one wacky 21.

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Into Virginia on I-77
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Exit 73 to US 421
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