North Carolina Roads - I-540

WB, but you get the same spelling EB or anywhere else. Buffalo are not native to NC, clearly.

Although it's a very new road, I-540 has one state-name shield in either direction at the eastern end (US 64/264) - and at least one narrow RIDOT shield, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

And here's the eastern end. The ramps from US 64 merge into a ghost mainline that begins right here as three full lanes, not even making it under the overpass wide enough to accommodate it. The WB freeway makes it under the overpass to the US 64/264 EB ramp, dropping lanes in the process so that for this one driver who missed the ramp to 64/264 WB can just drive right back in the future I-540 SB (EB will turn to SB somewhere around here) left lane.

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