North Carolina Roads - I-440/US 1

First photo above courtesy Lou Corsaro. Until recently, I-440 formed a full beltway around Raleigh, multiplexing with I-40 around the south side of town. However, that is technically no longer the case, and I-440 is just the northern loop around the city. So I'll be nice and give you a big link, but no shared photos.

EB approaching the Western Blvd. exit, courtesy Lou Corsaro. This had a US 64 shield, but now 64 follows US 1 and I-40 instead of surface streets. Western is also the old route of US 1.

And then at the exit - I-440 seems to have disappeared! This sign is older than 1991, when US 1 was the most important route on the Beltline.

The title of this Lou Corsaro photo is why.jpg, because I wonder why this was approved as an Interstate highway. In fact, it was a Business loop of 40 until 1991.

More troubles with older signs on a highway that hasn't done too well with the updating. The Western Blvd. signs harken to an older style of sign layout, and predate the Interstate designation that brought exit numbering with it. Then an assembly with the exit numbers sits waiting for a sign. It would be a very happy union to bring the exit tab back a quarter-mile. At the exit itself, still no numbers, and the unusual fraction of 1/5.

WB views of a pedestrian path crossing I-440 around Exit 4 (Wade Ave.) in the vicinity of NC State University. Because I-440 is no longer a full loop, the technical designation is East-West and not Inner-Outer, although many signs still say Inner-Outer and some even go North-South.

Wade is one that uses Inner-Outer on the standalone shields and North-South on BGS's. I forgive it for intersecting such a confusing road, because when US 1 goes North-South, that stretch of highway runs north-south, and the entire route until recently was a full loop, how can you be wrong?

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