North Carolina Roads - I-277/NC 16

I-277 and I-277/NC 16

I-277 NB (or Outer, if you'd like)/US 74 EB. I-277 is a long square around Charlotte, meaning no one would ever travel around more than half of it (well, actually, that's generally true of beltways). Most traffic that isn't coming to or from downtown probably follows US 74 to the east. In the first photo, I'd just like to point out my dislike of using both North and Outer as directions. If you're going to use one, there's no need for the other.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, confusion reigns on the northern half of I-277, SB with NC 16. What's the destination for US 74/NC 27, why was it so important to green it out, and what routes go what directions? I understand not signing directions on C-shaped I-277, and the only problem with the right sign in the third photo is that it should be I-277, WEST US 74, and SOUTH NC 16, and only then should TO WEST NC 27 be brought up. That way it's clear you're still on NC 16 and not heading toward it, lest you be someone like Lou actually trying to follow the route exactly. So the last sign gets it all wrong.

I've been going more than 30 miles on H, when do I get to G? This (courtesy Lou Corsaro) definitely isn't mile 33 on little I-277, and it doesn't match NC 16. So, first things first, insert a decimal point. 3.3 sounds about right for I-277, so then what's the H about? Oh, "H" stands for "Inner." That makes perfect sense to me!

5 miles on I-277 is less than 2 miles on I-77, as I-277 NB comes to an end. The shields are laughably miniaturized here, and "EXIT ONLY" should have a black border.

Onto NC 16 alone

Exit 1 or 5A to I-77
Exit 1 or 5A to US 21
Exit 2B to US 74
Exit 2B to NC 27
Exit 5A to I-85
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