North Carolina Roads - I-240/US 70/US 74-A


Like the photo from Lou Corsaro atop the page, this is on I-240 with US 70/74-A. They could have stayed on their historic Patton Ave. alignment through downtown but instead skip the tourist clutter and come back to College St. via Charlotte St. I present this assembly for the poor spacing of the 1/4 fraction.

I can tell you that Exit 4A is correct: these US highways and Future I-26 head north/west together. Everything straight ahead is wrong, whether it omits I-26 or insinuates that it's also "Future", because mainline signs show it as regular I-26 and I don't see why it would need to be a Future Interstate while multiplexed with a current one. The whole point of Future is that a route isn't quite ready for the upgrade yet. I-240 is definitely not up to modern standards, but if it's grandfathered in, I-26 can be as well. As I noted on the I-26 page, all of these I-26 shields have been swapped out with bannerless ones (no "INTERSTATE"), and as I noted on the I-26 page, this rule is pointless and a waste of money that benefits no one. Also, US 74-A WB is straight ahead and absolutely nothing is showing that.

Okay, this one assembly past the Exit 4A gore includes US 74-A, but still wrongly omits the hyphen.

I-240 runs so close to the old route that when US 70/74-A EB enter Beaucatcher Mountain Tunnel, I can Beau-catch it from the Interstate.

A rather nondescript pull-through sign at Exit 6. "EAST I-240 TO I-40" would be much nicer.

A rather nondescript exit sign EB at Exit 7. I know this is all in Asheville, but at least give Swannanoa or some eastern neighborhood US 70 serves.

Bringing the "meh" together.

EB under the vigilance of Busbee Mountain to the end of the route, which you know is the end because there's a left turn. US 74-A comes back in at Fairview Rd. (Exit 8) to continue on.

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