North Carolina Roads - I-140/US 17

I-140 (US 17)

Looking west at the end of the road - for now - including the stub of the EB mainline into which the US 17 NB mainline merges. Part of the I-140 extension has already been built, from US 17 near NC 87 to US 74/US 76 west of Leland. It's just that pesky middle part remaining.

EB: Why green guide signs are helpful. Especially at freeway speed.

I can think of two things wrong with this photo. First, there's an obvious North US 17 missing. Second, there's a less obvious East I-140 added. I-140 technically ends at I-40, not at the end of the freeway back at Business US 17, although it seems like an easy extension to put in for (requires a little work to meet Interstate standards).

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