North Carolina Roads - Harry's Grill

Harry's Grill, Hendersonville

This restaurant delights in highway memoribilia for decor, which yields a trove of older signs. Not shown: gas station signs, license plates, other commercial paraphernalia.

Let's start on the regulatory side with a sign I believe is posted outside and "in service," though still wall-mounted and part of the collection.

Steadily getting older until we're pre-MUTCD when agencies came up with their own sign shapes and legends.

I would consider this to also be regulatory.

A couple of embossed warning signs. They both started black on yellow, so ignore the custom paint job on the second.

Moving on to guide signs, let's start with a couple of street signs from NC and a couple that could be from anywhere.

Now onto the ones obviously not from NC. Peachtree Rd. is US 19 north of downtown Atlanta, as opposed to Peachtree St. downtown (and West Peachtree, and I'll stop because there are more). The other two likely share a city, though this Broadway may or may not be the famous one. (For example, Brooklyn has a different one.)

Guide signs that look like street signs. The second one is from CT and likely from US 7 in Norwalk, the only place where leaving downtown puts you 5 miles from Wilton.

Old NC town entrance signs, one public, one private.

Ending the guide signs in Ontario. The Voyageur Route appears to follow TCH 17 through the province, but is no longer signed as such.

Bonus non-sign content. The walk signal is old, but the CAUTION lens proves the signal is older.

US 1 in Maine
Trans-Canada Highway (17) in Ontario
Highway 71 in Ontario
Broadway in New York
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