North Carolina Roads - Edgemont Rd.

Edgemont Road

All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro, through and around Pisgah National Forest. Photos continue on NC 90, which can be found at the big link at the bottom of this page.

Leaving US 221 in Linville and heading south. The Blue Ridge Parkway soars on the overpass in the distance between two Appalachian hills as Edgemont Rd. disappears into a tree tunnel.

Edgemont Rd. gets even narrower and hairier as it crosses a dilapidated one-lane bridge with no railing and no visual clue except a bent yellow reflector. The structure appears to be a stone culvert with a central wall.

To the north of that bridge, the creek tumbles down some rapids.

Winding southward to another one-lane bridge, stopping to look at the mountain stream there.

Not just a stone abutment, but it holds up the northern approach to the bridge as well!

Past the settlement of Gragg, the beautiful scenery resumes, and then the already daunting dirt road loses its NCDOT supervision. The next two miles are even harder to drive and much steeper than the rest of the road (Lou told me horror stories) as Edgemont Rd. goes through Pisgah National Forest. It becomes another NCDOT secondary route (1420) on the other side.

Onto SR 1420 to the last one-lane bridge on this page.

The creek heads off into the setting sun, facing west from the bridge.

Looking back north at the bridge from the top and the side. It's paved in concrete though either side's approach is dirt; there are indeed bridges out there paved in dirt for continuity.

One last photo from here, facing east toward a bucolic homestead in the shadows of forest.

Possibly the same creek, possibly not, joins the east side of Edgemont Rd. Soon the pair will encounter Edgemont Church Rd. and Edgemont Rd. will become NC 90. Follow the photo trail below.

Head south on NC 90

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