North Carolina Roads - Bus. US 158, Oxford

Business US 158, Oxford

WB with US 15/NC 96 NB, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

EB with US 15/NC 96 SB.

Business, not regular.

Main St. one block south of Business 158 at Spring St., in the median where Main St. divides. It's a boring granite stone.

The Civil War monument, just to the west on Spring St., is considerably more interesting than the Revolutionary War monument. But remember, we're south of the Mason-Dixon Line, so it's the War Between the States.

Again, this is the South here, so you get a CSA wreath. To be fair, there were very few Union soldiers from North Carolina (they would have defected northward), but it's off-putting as a Northerner to stand in front of this.

The east side of the monument. Grays were the Confederate side of the Blues and Grays, and U.D.C. are the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Off-putting, maybe, but a different perspective on history.

Eastbound in and leaving Oxford.

Business, not regular.

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