North Carolina Roads - Blue Ridge Pkwy.

Blue Ridge Parkway

All photos are southbound except the first and last photos.

NB courtesy Lou Corsaro. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a snap of the entire Craggy Pinnacle from him, but then again, this site is PG-13.

Heading south with Lou from the Craggy Gardens to an older shield.

Entering the Parkway from the middle, this sign is leaving the Asheville visitor center and very much not an external access point.

I suppose the brown signs are to NPS standards, but those standards have nothing to do with the MUTCD. The advance shield doesn't meet anyone's standards.

Remaining photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Sometimes the National Parks Department gets it right, and when they do it's fantastical state-namey hotness.

Ugly sign, quaint tunnel.

Despite as many people as are now moving to North Carolina, the Parkway still has scenery like this.

Old US 421 runs right next to the Blue Ridge Parkway in Laxon (an unincorporated area near Deep Gap). It is still maintained by NCDOT (one of their unsigned four-digit routes), but while it may be old 421, it's not NC OLD 421 - if anything, this would be marginally acceptable in a US shield.

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