North Carolina Roads - Pisgah Covered Br./Chatham Church Rd. Br.

Pisgah Covered Bridge, Chatham Church Road bridge

All photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro. The Pisgah Covered Bridge is in southwestern Randolph County, and Chatham Church Rd. is in Chatham County southwest of Pittsboro.
Pisgah Covered Bridge

The covered bridge sits in a little park off Pisgah Covered Bridge Rd. It's sad that the road doesn't cross its own bridge anymore, and sadder that the replacement bridge is also wooden and doesn't have much more capacity.

Crossing the bridge westward.

Back eastward.
Chatham Church Road bridge

This bridge is just off US 15/US 501, and these photos are southbound.

Northbound, looking left and right.

Come back and drive the bridge southbound.

Details of the southern side of the bridge, which (as you may have guessed from the previous photos) is pavement over a wooden deck.

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