North Carolina Roads - Aviation Pkwy.

Aviation Parkway (RDU), Morrisville-Cary

All photos were taken northbound.

Aviation Pkwy. begins as SR 1002 from Morrisville Carpenter Rd.

The first is Evans Rd. WB at Aviation Parkway; the MUTCD has recently approved using the traditional lane-add sign sideways for a non-merging turn such as this, but in a square, not a diamond - i.e. it can't be achieved just by tilting a regular sign 90 degrees, but must actually be printed for this purpose. The second is how NC signs the national Bike 1, contrasted with NC's own Bike Route 2.

National Guard Dr. WB, the only at-grade intersection on Aviation between these two Interstates. I forgive airport signs most things (color, font, arrows), but never shields.

Airport Blvd. NB about to enter the airport. Colored circles work best when they still have color.

Inside Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU), signs are a darker gray than at most airports, with less of a reddish or brownish hue. What's more unusual is that except for the charcoal background, they look exactly like regular highway signs.

After RDU comes Brier Creek Reservoir; these are looking east. Before I-540 was constructed, Aviation Parkway narrowed down to 2 lanes and followed the west side of the airport. The road stub is still there but closed off as part of airport property.

And west.

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