New Brunswick Roads - TCH 2


The southern end of NB 103 at TCH 2. In the EB direction, the NB 95 ramp merges before the NB 103 ramp diverges. No such luck on the WB side, so the onramp instead joins NB 95 WB as it leaves TCH 2, and then there's another ramp to get back on TCH 2 for the NB 103 traffic or for any thrill seekers who enjoy taking exits just because they know they can. The I-95 shield is quite well done, except for the obvious foul of using the New Brunswick font inside.

WB along the Saint John River at sunset, with the last photo on NB 165 (former TCH 2 when it was a two-lane surface street). NB is the last province that's serious about converting the TCH into a freeway - Nova Scotia is content to leave at-grade intersections along its two-lane stretches of TCH, Newfoundland only has a few freeway sections built, and PEI doesn't have any four-lane roads outside of Charlottetown let alone any access control or grade separation.

This railroad bridge pops up on the right leaving Sackville for the Nova Scotia border. An old two-lane alignment of TCH 2 is sandwiched between here and there, but the bridge is gone so you can't see it amongst the tall grass.

Nova Scotia snuck across the border and erected its 1-km advance sign on New Brunswick territory. The border is obviously between the provinces' flags on the Missaguash River. Exit 1A leads to the original TCH, former Trunk Route 4, now NS 204.

NB 8, former TCH 2
NB 102, even earlier TCH 2

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