New Brunswick Roads - NB 8/old TCH 2

NB 8, former TCH 2

Princess Margaret Bridge was in the throes of reconstruction when I crossed it NB, so much of the crowning truss was shrouded and the rest was adorned by spiky reinforcement. The bridge closed entirely not too long after I crossed it (by which I mean weeks, not minutes).

Looking east and west along Saint John River.

At the northern end of the bridge, the through movement joins NB 105 SB while NB 8 curls around onto NB 105 NB. History paints a different picture. This was TCH 2 EB before the current freeway was completed east to NB 1. Therefore, the through movement was TCH 2 and NB 8 was just an exit off of it. NB 105 presumably began where NB 8 turns northward from the north side of the river. TCH 2 followed the remainder of what's now NB 105 to the east and then NB 10 from Youngs Cove to Sussex. Asserting its right as a Trans-Canada Highway, TCH 2 took over the freeway from Sussex to Moncton and Nova Scotia, a freeway that's now NB 1 until it meets the 2 freeway near Petitcodiac.

Current TCH 2

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