New Brunswick Roads - NB 15

NB 15

WB at the Dieppe Traffic Circle, one of three along NB 15. In fact, NB 15 is probably the only route in the province to have both ends at traffic circles. Just west of this circle, NB 15 has an at-grade intersection with NB 134, Lewisville Rd., but is otherwise a freeway for several km to either side. Given that the traffic circle already affords local access via the NB 106 connection, it would be fine to pass right over NB 134 without even an exit (or at least only provide ramps to the west side). This sign didn't seem all that old, so I'm puzzled why the NB 15 shield has no green outline. Was this a genuine oversight or did the green inexplicably fade?

Looking east at NB 933 at Exit 43. There's no road work ongoing, but the province is prepared to expand the freeway eastward for several more km.

NB 955 goes somewhere, but the province greened out where. Chapmans, Cadman, Murray, pick any of those Corners and at least put something here.

Three very different shields on NB 970 NB in Port Elgin. Yes, I said "NB" twice. One of them means "northbound," and I'll even let you choose which. NB 970 ends at a traffic circle with TCH 16, and NB 15 begins on the other side.

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