New Brunswick Roads - NB 106

All photos are EB. That cuts down on the awkwardness of saying "NB 106 EB" and having you pronounce it "Nib Ebb."

Salisbury, one of many homes of the growing scourge of one-piece shield assemblies. These are at least old enough to be wooden and cracked. I'd give them a pass, but they could just be 5 years old and cheaply constructed.

Downtown Moncton ahead.

Across the Memramcook River in the heart of New Brunswick's Acadian region.

In Memramcook, NB 106 turns right onto Royal Rd., while the other two legs of the slightly offset intersection lead to opposite directions of TCH 2 - and have for quite some time. Looking left yields the second photo. Once again, I've found old-looking one piece wooden assemblies, but these aren't endemic to New Brunswick, just a common alternative.

Continuing to Sackville, where NB 106 soon ends at TCH 2. In Sackville, in addition to getting the bird, you get the multi-piece shield at the top of the page, proving they still exist. That shield also has a font I'd call proper, at least close to the United States' FHWA Gothic alphabet if not spot-on.

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